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Why does my skimmer excessively overflow after using Chemi-Clean?

Your Skimmer is working overtime to remove the left over residue of Chemi-Clean left in your system. If this excessive flow is too much you may dilute the Chemi-Clean remaining in your system by addition water changes. The replacement of your chemical filtration will also help. If your protein skimmer is in a sump just let the skimmer overflow in sump. This process will cease in a few hours.

Will Chemi-Clean harm my fish or invertebrate’s?

No, Chemi-clean has been extensively tested with thousands of fishes and invertebrate’s including SPF’s with no adverse effect. Not following directions exactly can cause adverse effects. You must follow the directions exactly.-            Use a Level spoon measurements-           Do not dump product directly on top of coral-           Do not turn off your filter!  only remove chemical filtration and turn off protein skimmer and UV sterilizer-           Extra aeration is a must during treatment it is highly recommended you add an air stone to the tank during treatment.

How do I add Chemi-Clean to my Aquarium?

You may add it directly to the aquarium from the scoop or for a better dispersal dilute treatment in small cup of aquarium water then pour into aquarium.

The Chemi-Clean has removed some of the cyanobacteria can I dose it again?

Yes this is common with heavy infestations you must be sure to follow the directions and complete water changes after the first treatment when the first 48 hours is past and the water change has been made you may repeat the whole cycle again. This may be done as many times as possible.

Does Chemi-Clean remove all type of Algae stains?

No, chemi-clean is for the specific removal of cyanobacteria stains (red, brown, green slim). Chemi-clean will not treat hair, string or diatom algae

Will Chemi-Clean work in freshwater?

Yes, Chemi-Clean will work in fresh and salt water on Cyanobacteria stains.

How much liquid Chemi-Clean do I put in my tank?

Put in one drop per gallon of water. One cap-full equals approximately 85 drops.

How much powder Chemi-Clean do I put in my tank?

For every ten (10) gallons of water, dissolve one level scoop into one cup of water removed from the tank.

Then pour solution with dissolved Chemi-Clean back into aquarium, dispersing evenly.


1. Aquarium oxygen levels must be increased using heavy aeration or a large air stone.

2. Turn off any UV sterilizers and ozonizers and remove any Chemi-Pure or carbon during treatment.

3. Continue using a protein skimmer, although skimmer may require adjustment to prevent excessive overflow.

4. Maintain normal water flow using pumps and powerheads.

5. Add Chemi-Pure. to see how much to add, refer to the tabs above.

6. Successful treatment may take up to 48 hours. After the 48 hour treatment period, preform a 20% water change.

7. Turn on any UV sterilizers and ozonators and replace Chemi-Pure or carbon removed previously.

Repeat as necessary. Chemi-Clean can be used monthly as a regular component of aquarium maintenance.

Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite

What is the proper way to rinse Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite?

Simply hold the unit under running water and gently manipulate the bag until the water starts to clear. This may take up if not more than 5 minutes of rinsing. There may be some carbon residue released in the aquarium after rinsing. You may see some cloudiness; however this is completely normal as well as harmless. It will dissipate within a short amount of time.

How do I judge what is the proper unit size of Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite for my Aquarium?

 The directions say use one unit for 5 to 40 gallons. This recommendation is based on the variances of individual aquariums. For example all systems will vary depending on the actual volume of water. Which will differ due to the quantity of rock, gravel, decorations, etc.?Then you have to consider the Bio-load whether it is a heavy, overstocked aquarium versus a very lite Bio-load. These differences will also directly affect the amount of food going in, as well as the amount of waste being produced.Then take into account the variety of different filtration systems available today. Some are much more efficient than others. All of these factors will help you to determine how effective the different size units will be for your individual needs.

My aquarium size needs a full unit but my filter doesn’t have enough room to accommodate one. What should I do?

We have a variety of different sizes ranging from Chemi Pure 5oz. 10oz. 40oz. Chemi Pure Elite 3oz. Mini 6oz. 11oz. 46oz.  For your aquarium needs.You can easily use smaller units and simply change them out more frequently.

When is the best time to change out my Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite unit?

Replacement is recommended every 4 to 6 months under normal use.

What is considered NORMAL use?

Normal use is an aquarium that is only moderately stocked coupled with adequate to really efficient filtration.Feeding habits and waste production factor into the equation as well.  If you notice your aquarium start to get cloudy.  Replace your Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite at that time.

I don’t have a store near me who carries Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite and I want to purchase Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite to make my aquarium maintenance simple. Where can I obtain this product?

First off you can check with your local pet store to see if they can special order it for you. If that is not an option there are many on line retailers that can ship it right to your door.

What is the best location to place my Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite unit for optimum performance in my aquarium?

For Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite to be most effective it should be placed in an area with a good amount of water flow evenly distributed over the unit for maximum efficiency.

I have several small aquariums. I want to buy your Grande size Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite and divide it up amongst them. Any recommendations on how to go about that?

We do not recommend opening the units of any size of the Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite units. The product is combined in such a way with the proper ratios of the different components that if altered will not provide optimum filtration. The effectiveness will be greatly diminished if not fairly useless at that point.

Will Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite help to set my PH in my aquarium?

Chemi Pure will stabilize your PH at the level it is at when the unit is added to the aquarium. If your PH is too high or low you will need to get it to the correct level for your aquarium before adding Chemi Pure to help keep it at the level desired.

Can I place my Chemi Pure/Chemi Pure Elite under my Bio ball Trickle filter?

It will work fine in any area with maximum exposure and good water flow being pushed into and around the unit.

Vitachem Fresh & Marine

Does Vita Chem need to be refrigerated?

No, neither Vita Chem Fresh nor Vita Chem Marine needs to be refrigerated. They do need to be kept in a cool location.

Will Vita Chem have a longer shelf life if I refrigerate it?

Yes, it will extend the shelf life of both vitamin formulas if kept refrigerated.

How does my fish benefit from me adding Vita Chem Fresh/Vita Chem Marine to the water?

Fish have extremely permeable skin and do absorb the vitamins via osmosis and benefit from the nutrient intake. The invertebrate animals in many aquariums today will also benefit from adding Vitamins directly to the water.

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